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Quickly Detect & Manage Conflicting Interests
The newest module of the Compliance Suite enhances the handling of potential conflicting interests, resulting in any financial institution by the multitude of different activities almost inevitably.

On the basis of the collected and consolidated information, MCI enforces an automatic examination in order to determine potential conflicting interests. Initially, all existing information in the system is compared against each other. After that, only new or changed information is taken into account for further comparison.
The rule technology of Visual Rules and the use of detailed information about the particular circumstances allow for an intelligent examination. This is generated only for the configurations that match and have a potential for conflict.
The hits scored by the system are automatically transferred into the internal case management and appear on the work list of the compliance officer for investigation.

Dealing with Potential Conflicting Interests at a Glance

What Distinguishes MCI - Management of Conflicting Interest?

· *Intelligent discovery and intervention of potential conflicting interests

· *User-defined types of circumstances are delineated and supplemented

· *Adopted measures are documented and tracked

· *Auditable documentation

· *All-in-One: A single user interface and worklist for the different compliance modules.